Write Your Own Pay Check

  • Do you want to replace your income?
  • Have more time on your hands?
  • Go travelling?
  • Work only a couple of hours a day?
  • Have a passive income whilst sleeping?
  • learn new skills
  • Or maybe just supplement your income


OK. Good stuff.  So maybe you’re thinking this isn’t possible. Perhaps you have already clicked off by now. OR  your’e still here because you REALLY want a change in your life.

You and only you will and can make a change because you want it.

WARNING: Shocking fact alert: Deloitte estimates that 39% of jobs in the legal sector could be automated in the next 10 years. So what about the next 10 years!? Scary. Is it time to have a plan B? Days are gone of job security. Now is a better time than any to learn to skills in the right area. Not only so you have the potential to fire your boss and become your own. But for the security of knowing you will ok financially. AND or The opportunity to leave your job if you so wish.

Online for example. There are so so so many opportunities in the big wide web. It can be very daunting as the ways to make money on the internet is literally endless which is why it can be so confusing and extremely hard to find something that doesn’t feel like a scam.  I know i’ve been there.

Millennial’s Are Searching For More

Younger people are staying less and less time in their careers because of the lack of fulfilment, happiness and low income. The decision of what do I do all my life until I retire? It’s a HUGE question (chose a career you want to be in for the next 45+ years!) with little time to decide with pressures of society telling you what you should be doing and what you should be earning. Millennial’s are recognising the daunting fact of working 9-5 with no time for travel, friends and family. We are searching for more.  And so we should be!

Traditional jobs are becoming a thing of the past. We need to move with the times and recognise the opportunities that are else where. Schools don’t teach you how to be happy, how to find fulfilment, how to pay your bills. BUT algebra that stuff is IMPORTANT… (insert sarcasm!)

Wake up loving your days – not dreading them. What would you do if you had no fear of what others thought of you? and of lack of money?

Why don’t you wan’t to accept a change?

  • Scepticism
  • Not enough time to learn new skills
  • Not enough money

It’s healthy to be skeptical and have fear but trust your gut if you have a YES feeling, thats a vibration, a energy that you shouldn’t ignore because your’e not good enough or smart enough.  You don’t want to be on your death bed with regrets of what you didn’t do!

We grow up being told “where are you going to get the money for that or you don’t need that” so we forget about it and move on. We believe only the incredibly smart and technical minded people with the flashy lifestyle can only have what they want and we are lead to believe we don’t deserve those things and can’t have – so we don’t do anything about it. But we all have to start somewhere and that’s how the you can get where they are. Take steps forward and keep going. Don’t give up and you will get what you want. and why shouldn’t you have what you desire.

Abracadabra literally translates to “I will create and it will happen.” How cool is that? Try saying this for things you want  in your life, creating a positive energy about what you could have. Take action, even a small step in the right direction is better than none. Resist thinking about what will not happen. Think about what will and can happen. And it will.

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