20 Shoddy Holidays A YEAR, 260 Days A Year WORKING.. Seems Fair?

Make Money In Your Sleep

Do you have enough time off to do everyday life things?

It seems unfair to me that we work more time than we have at home with very little or no appreciation, apart from the 20 days holiday a year (in the UK that is anyway). Maybe you have an extra day for being with the same company for 15 years.. oh wow! big whoop..🙄 

All we have to do is WAKE UP.

How good would it be if you didn’t have to worry about having a enough time in the year to get the stuff done you need without stressing about; do I have enough holiday to go visit family that week in that month? Or do something fun with your friends. Not having to choose something over something else because you don’t have enough holiday left. (FRUSTRATING!) I know this is the case for me and then I have to work extra hours in my 43 hour week (a lot more for some) in order to get more days for the day or two in that month! (YAWN)

We go on holiday to rest and relax maybe once a week in a year for most if we’re lucky. and an extra day after that week to rest from the holiday to prepare to go back to work. Isn’t that ironic? I recently went to Greece with my partner and this was the exact process we went through, which inspired me to have a little moan to you all because I feel it’s something worth discussing. (As well as giving you a solution!) 

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Do you feel that dreaded thought of returning to the mundane 9-5. regaining strength to go back! With nothing much to look forward to for the next few months while we save for the next holiday! xO

I’ve always thought there must be more to this adult life stuff?! all we do is work work sleep work eat sleep work pay bills. repeat. 

I, YOU, US, WE can change this.

What you don’t realise is that you already have absolutely everything that you need within you to make a change, you’re just not able to tap into it. YET. For example there is a ton of information online that will teach you to use the digital age to very quickly create incredible success for yourself. that’s exactly what i’m doing and thats exactly how I want people to join me and get out of the corporate rat race. where everyone competes with each other. instead of being stepped on by the rat trying to get to the top by using you as a ladder. Join a community which inspires and helps each other.

Do you believe with 100% certainty that you could turn the tap on? Walk down the stairs? Or move your toes? Of course, these things are easy. But easy is just a perspective. When we were learning how to do them for the first time, they were once very hard.

Believe it and achieve it.

People can do things we can’t but they don’t have anything that we don’t, other than a different perspective. You just have to take the right step in the right direction one step at a time like learning to walk when you were younger, and it can happen to you. We can have more days off a year if we want it. There is a way and I’ve spent the last year searching for a passive income to allow this. And so can you.  So lets get started.





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The Countdown To The Life You Deserve Begins

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Can you envision something you love to do and think what If I Could do that pretty much wherever and whenever I wanted? and gain a passive income whilst doing it!

Stop Wishing Your Weeks Away

If you’re anything like me, a life of travel and the freedom to do whatever you want with your time is something you think you can’t have, it can’t happen to you and you don’t deserve it? You settle in a job you’re unhappy in just to pay the bills.. waiting for the 7 day holiday once a year.  What if you could really dive into something you’re passionate about without chasing money – whilst you have a passive income whilst you sleep.

Don’t stop reading if you think this is too good to be true because it isn’t.

Did you know that more than 70 percent of workers say they don’t feel satisfied with their career choices. That’s a huge amount of people who spend 5/6 days a week 8+hrs a day unhappy..

Are You Happy In Your 9-5?

So ask yourself this – Are you working to someone else’s timetable, to meet someone else’s goals,to pay someone else’s bonus? Watching the clock. Wishing away your week, month and years!

do you get the feeling of returning to the 9-5 (or the 8-6 for most in reality) after a holiday, makes you feel nauseous? for me ? yes yes yes I do.. and I am taking action and making a change in my life. and I want YOU to join me. This page Is what it’s all about!

At 23 years young after doing the education I thought I was ‘supposed’ to be doing for 5 years after school I fell into jobs I thought I was meant to be doing without any real passion.  Wishing my life away – living for the weekend and  living pay check to pay check. With no hope of paying back my 40,000 (and growing student debt) .

You are not too old or too young to make a change today this is for everyone and anyone who wants to make a change and gain the gift of financial freedom in their life in todays blooming online economy!

You don’t have to be technical minded or a sales person – no cold calling, you can have sales coming to you!  You just need to take one small step in the right direction today.

I Won’t Lie To You

I’m not claiming you will gain success over night but I will say the only way you will fail this is if you quit.

You do have to work for it. But its worth it. I have been there, in your shoes trying to find ways to make income whilst at home/ at the beach, with your kids or where ever your dream destination lays.

I found many many courses and claims of overnight success of passive income and the “laptop lifestyle” and this is the best and most genuine place out there! The community really adds value and helps you as a person. You’re never alone within this.

So What Are YOU Going To Do About it?

So Grab access to a FREE video series here on my website, just sign up and it will be explained more clearly on exactly how you can do this over the next 7 days!

And yes Anyone can do this! You just need hunger and drive for change. Put on your seatbelt for this crazy ride.

What have you got to lose!?

I hope you like it! Let me know how it goes.