Me being free and cliche in Greece

Hi I’m Amanda Hook,

If you’re here chances are you desire a different life – to become profitable in today’s online world. you want a better quality life?

well there is a way and if you’re anything like me you crave for success and you’re just not getting it in your current job.

Perhaps you feel stuck in your 9-5 job. with only 2 days a week to do your own thing. Only 28 holidays allowed a year.  With the daunting prospect of retiring at the age of 65+! xo

What if you could have financial freedom A LOT sooner; go travelling, spend more time with friends and family, own the car you always wanted. Whatever it is there IS a way to give yourself the life you well deserve. That all started for me within the SFM.

So who is Amanda?

I won’t bore you too much with my location of birth and whatever else but incase you’re interested; I was born in a small town in Suffolk, I now live in Norwich, Norfolk and I spend my time travelling, with friends and cooking delicious food. I also drink quite a lot of beer. ;p

visiting the smallest pub in the UK! (told you I like beer!)

I studied photography from college to University, I am in £42,000 student  debt. I went onto a job within photography but it wasn’t satisfying (photographing fishing gear) whenever I’d say to people what I do the usual response is “oh, well it pays the bills…” almost as if I haven’t succeeded in my life even though I worked extremely hard to get into a photography job. But I can tell you I have learned a lot more as an employee than a student. My job only pays me £18,000 a year (before tax) At that rate I have no hope of ever paying that debt back.

living my student life drinking my body weight in beer..

Like most students we have an increasing debt over our heads with no job to go to after uni. (I lived in a house share as I couldn’t afford a place of my own) I could pay rent, food and some travel on my wage if I ate super noodles for weeks. but I couldn’t buy other things I desired (cars, a mortgage, fancy holidays aka bora bora and loads of dogs! ). The things we want we should all be able to have.. That lead me to try doing work at weekends (other private photography jobs (NOT WEDDINGS THO) after working a 43 hour week the thought of working at the weekend wasn’t so appealing to me, I got a couple of jobs but it soon failed as I became too tired and quite frankly just wanted to spend time with my other half and family.

SO I went searching for something more.. for months and months I was looking into making money online, working less and earning more – there was a lot of get rich schemes but I could see I couldn’t trust a lot of these people shouting about their great life’s which happened over night.. Just too good to be true.

I then saw an advert on youtube by Stuart Ross and I instantly trusted this guy.. and I wasn’t wrong. dot dot dot the rest is history.  It’s given me the freedom and the confidence in myself. the SFM. what a great community. It not only teaches you all you need to know to make a profitable online business but it supports you through the hard times. and everyone is more than happy to help you every step of the way. Whenever i feel self doubt I go straight to the SFM and i’m already feeling better by the support they give. It’s just what I needed and It found me just at the right time in my life.

Which is what I am here to do. Help you gain the life you deserve. As long as you have the burning desire to change your life. It CAN happen to you.

There is plenty of money to go round with the internet global economy blooming! It’s time to take your piece of the cake.

The only question is are you hungry for change?

The tools, training, education, mentoring, coaching and community at the SFM have completely revolutionised the quality of our lives. We’ve built confidence in ourselves and have met some of our best friends as a direct result of being in this supportive community of like-minded, genuine human beings who are always there to encourage us and challenge us to be our most authentic selves.

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